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Removals to China

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International Moving to China is Simple with Movecorp

Emigrating to China with all of your belongings might seem like a stressful and daunting task, but Movecorp can relieve the tension of relocating when you make use of our removals to China services.

We have a roster of experienced movers and packers, who complete thousands of United Kingdom to China removals each year, so you can have full confidence when trusting Movecorp with your appliances, home furniture, clothes and antiques.

Removals to China

During our time in the industry, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our overseas removals to China and we're confident we have it down to a tee! We are proud of the reputation we have achieved as one of the UK's most trusted international removal companies to China, by providing reliable, economic and swift removal and shipping solutions.

We have global ties with a network of fully-accredited cargo shipping agents and service partners that mean you will always receive the same first-class service in China as you would here in the UK.

Living in China

Any expatriate who is taking off to China will experience a bit of a culture shock – especially if they’re moving from the UK. The sheer mass of China’s population alone will be a big consideration when moving, along with the fact that most of China is filled with Han Chinese people, so you are likely to stand out. However, due to the wealth of culture and history in this great country, expats love discovering what their new home has to offer. And when using our Removals service, you can feel confident about there being one less thing to worry about.

Whether it’s Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Xi’an, Guilin, or Hangzhou, you are likely to get a great dose of culture, history, cuisine and life – and they are all places where you can use our Removals service. A must-see is The Great Wall of China, but all over China you will find beautiful, grand temples, shrines, palaces, tombs and towers. Scenic nature like mountains, gorges, gardens, rivers, caves and rice fields are found in abundance in China. No matter where you go, and where you need to use our Removals service, you are in for a wonderful life change.

Key sights for tourists, that a migrant will need to appreciate too, are places like Yellow Mountain, the Forbidden City, and the Terracotta Army. Plus, China is the home of Giant Pandas! With street food and being surrounded by beautiful sights, life living in China will be excellent for any expatriate – so don’t hesitate to use our Removals service.

Soak up the culture and learn from the locals, and you will have an experience of a lifetime. Just be careful, though, things like cultural behaviours and languages can build a wall between people, so be respectful and learn their ways before you go in order to avoid offence. Speaking of knowing their ways, we at Move Corp understand the customs regulations for Removals so we’ve got you covered in that department.

Living in China

With a population of 1.404 billion people and land spanning 9.6 million square kilometres, China is a vast country, situated in East Asia. It has a varied landscape, with deserts, subtropical forests and mountain ranges, as well as two major rivers, the Yangtze and the Yellow Rivers, leading it to have megadiverse status with at least 551 mammal species living there, the third highest number globally. It borders fourteen nations, more than any country in the world as it expands across much of East Asia. Economically it continues to show its power, for two thousand years having the largest economy and currently being the second largest in terms of nominal GDP. It is a Communist country so has traditionally had a centralised economy, though in modern times it has deviated from this and this has contributed to it being one of the fastest growing economies. It largely depends on export-led growth and investment; it is a global leader in manufacturing but is one of the most energy intensive and inefficient producers, being the world’s largest energy consumer. The most populous country in the world, China has attempted to combat its huge population by introducing in 1979 the one-child policy, but it was said to have limited affects on the population and was extremely controversial due to cultural perceptions of gender, meaning many female babies became victims of infanticide, seen as very problematic by human rights advocates.

Useful China Travel Info

Flight Time From UK Currency Main Airports Main Shipping Ports
11hrs 30mins Chinese Yuan Renminbi Beijing, Changchun, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Jieyang, Quanzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Yinchuan, Zhengzhou Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Dalien, Xiamen

How do I send removals to China from the UK?

Removals to China 1Sending international removals to China couldn’t be any easier than with the help of Movecorp, your hard work starts and ends with requesting a quote. We handle all the details from door-to-door, no matter how big or small, so you have time to concentrate on the more important aspects of moving to China.

We start with introducing you to your China removals coordinator who is there to arrange your move, talk you through the best removal options for your requirements and to ensure everything runs smoothly. We wrap, pack, load and deliver removals to the address of your choice and we even complete any necessary paperwork and documentation ready for your international removals from the UK to China.

What is included in your China removals services?

Every removal to China that we have completed has been different to the last, which is why we cater to the individual needs of the client and modify all home removals to suit your unique time and budget constraints.

Over the years, we have refined our comprehensive menu of China removals services that your move coordinator will explain in greater detail:

  • A dedicated moving coordinator to organise your removals to China from the UK
  • Wrapping and packing of your removal in robust, industry-approved materials
  • Items loaded onto a shipping container and shipped to China
  • Removals cleared at customs in China, delivered to your address and unpacked
  • Customs clearances, freight charges, terminal fees, removal costs and insurance

Where in China Can I Send my Items?


What are the international removals to China costs?

Moving to China doesn’t come cheap, so Movecorp aims to keep all overseas moving costs to China as affordable as possible. Whether you are sending an apartment, a terraced house, a five-bed detached or an office, we have removals to China options to suit all budgets and cargo.

Part-load allows you to ship freight cargo items to China within a shared shipping container and you will only be charged for the space these goods occupy. This is the ideal choice for one-bed apartments and smaller homes. If you are shipping an entire office or a larger-sized home, you can pay for your own 20ft or 40ft shipping container cargo to fill how you wish.

Your end destination in China will also be a contributing factor to the cost of overseas moving, but your dedicated move coordinator will provide you with an itemised quote before you agree to anything.

Removals to China 3

What removals can I send to China?

Our UK to China International removal service sees us sending large domestic and commercial consignments across the world with ease. Movecorp has the experience and skills to send shipping cartons, Crates, Containers, cargo and any type of household furniture and freight. Whatever you need to send to China, we are the International removal company for you.

What are the shipping methods for removals from the UK to China?

Air FreightSea Freight

Removals to China via Air Freight

If you need your belongings in China in a hurry, airfreight is the quickest transit method to move your possessions internationally. Removals via air freight are highly convenient, but this does come with a higher price tag. Your quote for China Removals is calculated based on the weight of your consignment, meaning it is not so economical for larger loads such as an entire home.

If you are only sending a one bedroom flat, some boxes of clothes or a few items of furniture to China but you require them urgently, air freight is a convenient transport method. Many Movecorp customers will make use of our air freight to China service cooperatively with another method of transportation. Such as sending a small number of items they need as a priority via air freight and everything else they can send via sea freight to cut costs.

Another factor that might influence the cost of your Removals to China via air freight is what happens with your goods upon their arrival in China. You can choose to collect your goods at the airport yourself, or you can request that diligent moving teams deliver your goods to the kerbside of your new home.

Removals to China via Sea Freight

For Removals to China, sea freight is one of the most favoured transport methods due to its cost-effectiveness and ease for our clients. Removals to China via sea freight can sometimes be a slow process, therefore we advise that you allow ample time for your delivery.

Shared container load is the ideal Removals to China choice if you have a small consignment such as a one bedroom flat, a studio apartment or a small office space. All of your goods and furnishings will be wrapped, packed and loaded onto a shared shipping container to China and you will only pay for the space this baggage occupies.

Dedicated container load is the recommended China Removals method if you are sending an entire home load or a large commercial office space. You will pay to receive the sole use of a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. A 20ft container will fit a three-bedroom home comfortably and 40ft is sufficient space if you want to send a vehicle amongst other goods.

Owing to our partnership with a number of global removals organisations, your goods will be delivered to the destination of your choice in China, by a team of movers that are committed to delivering a premium service.

Why should I choose Movecorp for freight to China?

There are many reasons why you should choose Movecorp to handle your China International removal, so here are just a few:

  • You are given a move coordinator to make the process simple and to answer your queries!
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Price match service (although we’re confident in our China removal costs)
  • All-inclusive packing, shipping and delivery services so you don’t lift a finger
  • We have endorsements from BAR (British Association of Removers), The Removal Industry Ombudsman Scheme, IAM (International Association of Movers), and many others.

If you think we might be being a little biased, you can read the feedback we receive from past clients in our reviews.



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