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Baggage Shipping to Lesotho

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Excess Baggage from the UK to Lesotho

Excess Baggage from the UK to LesothoAre you looking to go to Lesotho for a long trip but you have too much luggage? Are you worried about excess baggage fees at airports? Well with Movecorp, there’s no need to fret. All you need to think about is enjoying your time in Lesotho, because we will handle the rest.

When sending excess luggage to Lesotho, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of the country and the most appropriate method of shipping for each customer. So if you want the best service for sending baggage to Lesotho, Movecorp will not lead you wrong.

Living in Lesotho

Lesotho is a small country that exists within the middle of the territory of South Africa; it is landlocked and completely engulfed by it. 2,204,000 people living within Lesotho. It is a member of the Commonwealth. Due to its location, it is inherently affected strongly by political, economic and social developments that occur in South Africa; it can influence South Africa to some extent in return however, having been opposed to apartheid through the regime. In terms of altitude, it is one of the highest countries in the world, and its lowest point, recorded to be 1400 metres above sea level, is the highest lowest point of any country globally. The population is mostly distributed in the rural areas of the country, where subsistence farming is common and relied upon. The people of Lesotho are almost all Christians, and Protestantism is the dominant denomination. Furthermore, the population is amongst the most literate in Africa, and this is largely due to the heavy investment that the government puts into their education system. Other aspects of daily life however, such as using the Internet, is not as universal. As well as this, Lesotho’s population has a HIV/AIDs rate of 23%, which is amongst the World’s worst.

Useful Lesotho Travel Info

Flight Time From UK Currency Main Airports Main Shipping Ports
13hrs 30mins Lesotho Loti Maseru No Major Ports

How Much Does It Cost to Send Luggage to Lesotho?

If you are sending excess baggage to Lesotho from the UK, then we have a variety of options for you to choose from. Movecorp has a shared container method or a sole-use container option, to suit all budgets and needs. Plus, you can choose to send a suitcase to Lesotho via sea freight or air freight.

Shipping excess baggage to Lesotho via shared container, where you only pay for the portion you use, is the most cost-effective service we offer when accompanied by sea freight transport.

Air freight baggage shipping is faster but also more costly. If you needed to use a whole shipping container, then this is a price factor, too, as you’ll be paying for the use of more space.

What’s included in your excess baggage shipping rates:

  • A move coordinator to help you along the shipping process
  • Insurance for your goods
  • UK collection and packaging of goods
  • Door-to-door baggage to Lesotho

What are the shipping methods for sending items to Lesotho?

Air FreightSea Freight

Baggage-shipping to Lesotho via Air Freight

If you need your belongings in Lesotho in a hurry, airfreight is the quickest transit method to move your possessions internationally. Baggage-shipping via air freight are highly convenient, but this does come with a higher price tag. Your quote for Lesotho Baggage-shipping is calculated based on the weight of your consignment, meaning it is not so economical for larger loads such as an entire home.

If you are only sending a one bedroom flat, some boxes of clothes or a few items of furniture to Lesotho but you require them urgently, air freight is a convenient transport method. Many Movecorp customers will make use of our air freight to Lesotho service cooperatively with another method of transportation. Such as sending a small number of items they need as a priority via air freight and everything else they can send via sea freight to cut costs.

Another factor that might influence the cost of your Baggage-shipping to Lesotho via air freight is what happens with your goods upon their arrival in Lesotho. You can choose to collect your goods at the airport yourself, or you can request that diligent moving teams deliver your goods to the kerbside of your new home.

Baggage-shipping to Lesotho via Sea Freight

For Baggage-shipping to Lesotho, sea freight is one of the most favoured transport methods due to its cost-effectiveness and ease for our clients. Baggage-shipping to Lesotho via sea freight can sometimes be a slow process, therefore we advise that you allow ample time for your delivery.

Shared container load is the ideal Baggage-shipping to Lesotho choice if you have a small consignment such as a one bedroom flat, a studio apartment or a small office space. All of your goods and furnishings will be wrapped, packed and loaded onto a shared shipping container to Lesotho and you will only pay for the space this baggage occupies.

Dedicated container load is the recommended Lesotho Baggage-shipping method if you are sending an entire home load or a large commercial office space. You will pay to receive the sole use of a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. A 20ft container will fit a three-bedroom home comfortably and 40ft is sufficient space if you want to send a vehicle amongst other goods.

Owing to our partnership with a number of global removals organisations, your goods will be delivered to the destination of your choice in Lesotho, by a team of movers that are committed to delivering a premium service.

How Do I Send Luggage to Lesotho?

When shipping luggage to Lesotho, Movecorp will take the reins for you. We will ensure that your goods are expertly packed, shipped and unpacked during the baggage shipping to Lesotho process. You don’t have to worry about a thing, just let the professionals do it for you!

You can find comfort in knowing that you will be assigned your own move coordinator to help with the shipping procedure. Your move coordinator will give you all the information you need before sending luggage to Lesotho.

A surveying service will be used, if necessary, to determine how best to ship your baggage to Lesotho. This can be using our shared containers, or our sole-use containers, as stated before. We will package everything for you, using only the best materials and making sure you’re happy every step of the way.

Send Luggage to Lesotho Box Shipping Lesotho What Excess Baggage Can I Ship to Lesotho?

What Excess Baggage Can I Ship to Lesotho?

If you are planning an epic trip to Lesotho, and you need to ship a lot more stuff than you can carry, then worry not. This happens to a lot of people and airlines profit from excess baggage fees – but with Movecorp, no matter the item, we can ship it for you as a leading baggage shipping company.

Whether it’s your surfboard, guitar or camping equipment, for example, Movecorp will package and ship your unaccompanied baggage to Lesotho with ease – whatever it may be.

Here is a list of common prohibited items:

  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Perishable items
  • Drugs
  • Liquids, liquefiable substances and powders
  • Intoxicating beverages

Why Choose Movecorp for Shipping Baggage to Lesotho?

We will ensure that sending bags to Lesotho is as painless for you as possible. We are so confident in our services that we offer a price match option if you do happen to find a cheaper quote for excess baggage UK to Lesotho shipping.

Our professional knowledge of customs and travel documents should provide you with some comfort, along with insurance on your luggage shipping to Lesotho. We are proud of our accreditation from organisations such as the British Association of Removers (BAR) and the International Association of Movers (IAM), amongst many others.

Make the best decision for your budget, don’t settle for inflated airline fees. Instead, let Movecorp handle your excess baggage shipping UK to Lesotho the right way.

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