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There are several shipping methods available today. Shipping methods usually depend on the sizes and weights of the items to be shipped. When shipping small items such as documents, software or a pair of shoes, the best method is parcel shipping. However, when one is sending many items or one item which would not fit into a parcel, box shipping becomes the obvious choice.

Shipping boxes has become a popular way of transporting personal effects or excess baggage. Most people who travel abroad are confronted with huge excess baggage fees at the airport. A growing trend in today’s travellers is to travel light and ship the rest of the luggage using box shipping.

Instead of paying a hefty amount for excess baggage fees, people prefer to be economical by paying a fixed rate for the box shipping service. Delivery times in shipping boxes vary depending on the mode of transport used. There are several options such as air freight, ocean or sea freight, land freight and railroad freight. The fastest mode of delivery is, of course, air freight but it definitely does not come cheap.

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Due to the high cost of air freight, it is used only when extremely necessary such as when delivery of the shipped goods is urgently needed. To save in shipping cost when shipping boxes within the same country or to adjacent land-locked countries , railroad and land freight may be used . When shipping boxes to places across oceans or seas, there is no other economical way than to send the shipment by sea or ocean freight.

Due to stiff competition among box shipping companies, some of them provide an alternative called multi-modal freight which is a compromise between air freight and ocean freight. This multi-modal freight service is ideal for those who want their shipments delivered earlier. This is made possible by combining air freight and ocean freight.

Boxes are first flown to a transit point and then shipped by ocean freight for the remainder of its route. By using this mode, shipments will arrive earlier. This is ideal for people who are willing to pay just a bit more for an earlier delivery date.
Shipping boxes is a practical and economical way to ship many things at a time. More importantly, it is a good strategy when avoiding excess baggage fees. Next time you travel, don’t be afraid to shop until you drop. You have a whole box to fill!



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