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// Parcel Shipping to Australia

Parcel shipping to Australia has never been made easier with several shipping and courier companies to choose from. It is important to remember though that not all shipping companies are the same. While some of them provide excellent shipping services, others are not too dependable. So before sending out your parcels, make sure that you choose the right parcel shipping company. After all, you wouldn’t want your precious parcels to get damaged or lost on its way to down under.

Parcel Shipping Tracking System

Find out if the shipping company has a parcel tracking system. Parcel shipping to Australia takes a relatively longer time especially if you live in the United States of America or United Kingdom. A tracking system will surely come in handy as it won’t leave you guessing where your parcel is. A parcel tracking system will give you peace of mind knowing that your parcel is on the right route and that it will get to Australia on schedule. More importantly, you will be able to know if it has been delivered to and received by the intended recipient.

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Delivery Times

Ask about the parcel delivery time and whether or not this already includes customs clearing. It is possible that one company may tell you that parcel shipping to Australia will take 5 days from collection. Find out further if that is a guaranteed delivery date or if it merely an expected delivery date. This information is crucial especially when you need to have the parcel delivered before a specific date.

If you need to have a parcel delivered on an even earlier date, find shipping parcel companies that have expedited shipping services. This may come with an additional fee but the parcel will be delivered sooner.

Australia Shipping Rates

Parcel shipping to Australia does not have to be too costly. Shipping or courier companies offer different discounts and special deals. Scout around and compare these offers and cut back on unnecessary costs. Also, look for shipping companies which offer fixed rate pricing for Australia-bound parcels and compare it with the calculated shipping rate. Most shipping or courier companies offer value-added services. Some of these are Saturday and Sunday deliveries, notification services, delivery confirmation, returns and insurance.


When sending items which have considerable value, it is important to make certain that these are properly insured. Keep in mind that ending items overseas, even with the most reputable couriers, always involves some risk.



Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane | Perth | Adelaide

Newcastle | Canberra | Wollongong | Gold Coast City

Central Coast | Hobart | Geelong



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